Ring sizing

If you know your ring size, that’s great! Write it in the comments box when you’re in the cart before checkout and I can make your ring the size you have requested. 

If you don’t know your ring size, don’t worry. There are a few ways we can figure out what size fits you. Please bear in mind though, every finger is different, even from hand to hand, so whatever size we land on is more than likely only going to fit one finger. Time of day and the weather will also affect your finger size as heat can expand the size of your fingers and cold can make them contract. 

There’s four ways we can figure out your size: 

The Jewellery Shop

You can pop into your local jewellery shop and ask them to check your finger size. They will have metal sizers that you can try on and decide which one fits best. Generally, you want to have a little bit of resistance when trying to take the sizer off so your ring won’t accidentally fall off, but you want it to be comfortable enough for it to glide over your knuckles. Make a fist when you have a sizer on and make sure you don’t feel like it is cutting off circulation at all. 

The Paper Method

You can use a piece of string or paper and wrap it around your finger and mark where the string or paper meets with a pen. Don’t make it too tight. Then line up your paper or string on a ruler with millimetres on it and take this measurement or take a picture of it. Send this to me and I will work out the exact size that will fit you. This method can be a little fiddly, so you may need another pair of hands!

Existing Ring

Select a ring you already have that fits well on the finger you want your new ring to be on and place it on a ruler with millimetres on it. Move the ring so that the widest part of the ring sits over the millimetre marks, as shown in the image below. Take a quick picture of this on your phone and send it to me. I will work out the size from this picture. Some rings may even have a size stamped on the inside of them, depending on the shop they were bought from. Check the band and if you can clearly see a number, let me know what it is and the place of purchase and I will convert it to the Irish and UK sizing that I use. 

Plastic Sizer

I can send you a plastic ring sizer. This works much the same way as the string or paper above, only it has letter sizes already marked on it. There are instructions included, however just remember to make sure that it is comfortable on your finger and doesn’t feel too tight. The best thing about using the plastic ring sizer is that once have it, you can reuse it again and again to find out all of your fingers sizes. If you would like to get one of these sizers, send me a quick email or fill in the contact form and I will send one to you as soon as I can. Don’t forget to include your full name and postal address!